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FLUORIDE FILTER SETS – Fluoride Filtration is best achieved by using matched Carbon and Fluoride Removal Filter sets

ULTRASORB – Axial Flow, New Carbonised Media Fluoride Filter and a 0.5 micron Carbon Block – suited to older style filter systems and our new Full Flow Fluoride Filtration Systems a perfectly matched filter set to remove 90 – 98% of Fluoride,  Mercury, Arsenic, Radionuclides + Chlorine, Chlorine Disinfection By-products Taste, Odour, Bacteria > 99%

Product Description

NB- AquaGuard do not / never have supplied Activated Alumina Fluoride Reduction Filters the filters leach aluminium and the leached aluminium can have fluoride attached – double whammy – a Fluoride and Aluminium cocktail that is not in your best interests or good health.

AquaGuard offer 2 different Fluoride Filtration sets that can be installed in your existing 10” Twin Water Filter System

Also available for Flouride removal is the Ion Exchange Fluoride Specific Filtration Set – Axial Flow Ion Exchange Fluoride Filter and a 0.5 micron Carbon Block – matched for Fluoride removal up to 97.56% + Chlorine, Taste, Odour, Bacteria, Chlorine Disinfection ByProducts, Heavy Metals etc – best suited to the older style dedicated tap systems for unmatched Fluoride Removal Performance


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