About Us

Since 1987 AquaGuard Australian Water Filter Systems has been developing Australia’s leading freshwater purification systems.

Sydney-e1358072494129Today AquaGuard provides clean drinking water across the
continent and beyond across the South Pacific.

Whether you rely on tap water, tankwater, borewater, groundwater or
surface water – we’ll deliver the ideal system to suit your needs.Artesian-Bore-e1358073417889

From industrial installations to remote domestic homesteads: there’s no challenge we won’t meet.

AquaGuard’s ongoing commitment to Research and Development ensures the latest developments in global technology are available for your needs. Our systems are assembled here in Australia to create the world’s most effective water filtering and purification systems. You can rest easy knowing that Sales, Service and Support are on-shore and just a phone call away.

For all industrial, commercial, rural and domestic water purification technologies, contact AquaGuard – Australian water filter systems designed for Australian conditions.

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